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Other Minor Illnesses

Care manufacture and supply a range of other products which help to relieve a number of minor illnesses.

Suitable for adults and the elderly
50ml Liquid
Chlorhexidine Digluconate
Suitable for children, adults and the elderly
300ml Liquid
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Suitable for 1+
10ml Drops
Lidocaine Hydrochride 0.5%
Suitable for 12 years and above
25g Ointment
Suitable for children, adults and the elderly
5g Crystals
Sodium Bicarbonate
Suitable for children over 1 year old, adults and the elderly
10ml Drops
100% Tea Tree Oil
Suitable for children, adults, and the elderly
10ml Liquid


This range of medicines includes products help to relieve earache, rough skin, and haemorrhoids.

Pharmacies can provide remedies for a number of everyday ailments without the need to visit GPs and get expensive prescriptions. As a pharmacy staff member, you are well placed to advise customers about the products available to them in store.


The Power of Planograms

There’s no under-estimating the power of a proven planogram.

These visual diagrams recommending which products should be stocked and how they should be positioned are guidelines based on research-backed information and are designed to increase sales and ultimately profits.

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