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Female Health Medicines

Care manufacture and supply a range of female health medicine products which help to relieve symptoms of cystitis, thrush and other mild infections.

Clotrimazole 20g
Suitable for Children, Adults, Elderly
20g Cream
Sodium Citrate Dihydrate 4g
Suitable for 18+
6 Sachets
Potassium Citrate 1.5g/5ml
Suitable for Children, Adults, Elderly
200ml Liquid


The Care range of female health medicines is comprehensive, offering effective remedies of thrush cream, cystitis relief sachets and cystitis relief mixture.

Thrush and cystitis are very common conditions that most women will experience. Fortunately, both conditions can be relieved with products that are stocked in pharmacies and which do not need a prescription.

Thrush is a fungal infection which infects up to 3 in 4 women at some point, mainly during their 20s, 30s and during pregnancy. Symptoms include itching and soreness in the genital region and a white or creamy discharge.[1]

Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder that almost all women experience at some time in their lives. Symptoms include a frequent or urgent need to pass water and burning pain when patients do go.

[1] https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/thrush-in-men-and-women/

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