Glycerin Suppositories Children 2g

PIP Code: 102-1351


For the relief of occasional constipation

Care Glycerin Suppositories help to stimulate bowel movement.

Care Glycerin Suppositories are the ideal solution for children with constipation. The suppositories help to stimulate bowel movement, and can be used for children under one year.

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Glycerol BP 70% 2g
Suitable for 1+
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Available in 12 Suppositories

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Directions for use

Rectal use

Recommended Doses

One Suppository

Dosage Schedule

The suppository should be dipped in water before insertion.

The suppositories are defined as children’s size, therefore there is no infants’ or adults’ recommendation

Prescribing Information

Product Authorisation Holder:Thornton & Ross Ltd., Linthwaite, Huddersfield, HD7 5QH, UK
Legal classification:GSL
Product name:Glycerin Suppositories BP 2g Children’s Size
Indications:For the relief of occasional constipation
Information about this product, including adverse reactions, precautions, contra-indications, and method of use can be found at:


Self Care Advice

Constipation is common and it affects people of all ages. You can usually treat it at home with simple changes to your diet and lifestyle.

  • Treating constipation in babies and toddlers – Simple changes to a child’s diet and potty training can help treat constipation. You may notice a difference within a few days. Sometimes it takes a few weeks before their symptoms improve.
  • Make changes to the child’s diet – Give your baby extra water between their normal feeds if they haven’t started to eat solid food yet. If using formula milk, don’t add more water to the mixture.
  • Try gently moving the baby’s legs in a bicycling motion or carefully massaging their tummy to help stimulate their bowels.
  • Give older children plenty of fluids and encourage them to eat fruit. Chop or purée it if it’s easier for them to eat. The best fruits for constipation include apples, grapes, pears and strawberries.


Is it constipation?

It’s likely to be constipation if:

  • A child hasn't had a poo at least 3 times in a week
  • The poo is often difficult to push out and larger than usual
  • The poo is often dry, hard or lumpy
  • However, it's not unusual for a breastfeeding baby to go a week without having a poo

What causes constipation in infants and children?

Constipation in babies and toddlers has many possible causes. Sometimes there is no obvious reason.

It usually happens when a child:
  • First starts taking formula or processed foods as a baby is being potty trained as a toddler
  • Has just started school
The most common causes include:
  • Not eating enough fibre – such as fruit, vegetables and cereals
  • Not drinking enough fluids
  • Overfeeding – including giving babies too much milk
  • Fear or anxiety about using the toilet – at home or at school
  • Poor potty training – such as feeling pressured or being regularly interrupted
In much rarer cases, constipation in babies and toddlers may be caused by a medical condition.
  • Consumer benefits
    Consumer Benefits

Consumer Benefits

  • Ideal solution for children with constipation
  • Help to stimulate bowel movement
  • Can be used for children under one year

Did you know?

Constipation is common in childhood, particularly when children are being potty trained at around two to three years old.

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