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Free Pharmacy Training & resources

At Care we are always looking to evolve and develop.

Innovation and advancement have led us to where we are today and will continue to drive us to support pharmacy for years to come.

So naturally we want to pass on our knowledge and expertise to pharmacy as we both strive to make a big difference to the health and well-being of families and communities across the UK.

Not only are we determined to deliver the latest professional training and resources, we also wanted it to be FREE.

Care has always been hand-in-hand with pharmacy and after almost three decades of proud partnership, we have the upmost respect for those on the frontline of treating minor health conditions.

The Care Pharmacy Assistant Training Programme has been developed by the makers of the Care range and approved by the National Pharmacy Association

It is a continuation of our journey together to provide relief to families through our tried and trusted remedies for almost 30 years.

About the training

Pharmacy is being asked to dispense a wider range of services than ever before.

Pharmacy staff are increasingly being called to provide self treatment advice for common everyday minor health concerns.

Care’s online training programme is easily accessible and designed to help staff to increase their knowledge of some of the most commonly encountered minor health concerns in pharmacy.


It consists of various different workbooks; Digestive Health, Coughs & Colds, Children’s Ailments, Pains & Strains, Headache & Migraine, Female Health, Common Ear & Mouth Problems and Common Skin Problems.

They contain easy-to-digest information on symptoms, treatments, Care products and questions to test the knowledge gained.

On completion of all nine workbooks a gold certificate is issued together with a Care ‘Minor Ailments Advisor’ lapel badge to confirm the training has been achieved.




Training Guides

The training programme offers:

  • Better awareness of the questions patients should be asked about their problems.
  • Increased knowledge about the causes of minor health concerns.
  • A better understanding of the range of treatments available.
  • Awareness of when to refer patients to the pharmacist.
  • Knowledge to advise patients on how to avoid some minor health conditions.

The good news is there’s no time limit on completing the Workbooks and they can be fitted in and around busy and demanding lifestyles.

Simply login and complete what you can when you can.

If you’ve not got an account, simply register free of charge by clicking the following link.

Once completed they are certain to enhance your pharmacy role and allow you to play an even bigger part in helping families on a healthier and happier journey in the communities you serve.

Grey Angle

Care Pharmacy