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The Ultimate Guide to Care

It’s completely free, easy to use and convenient to access. With digital viewing, you can now flick through its pages virtually via phone, tablet or PC.

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Ultimate Guide to Care

It’s packed with new features, such as quick-scan product barcodes and a helpful ‘Brand Swap’ section which compares Care products to those of leading brands. You’ll also find traditional favourites including an A-Z of products sectioned under each category, retail sales insights and information about the free resources we offer.


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Helpful advice on common conditions

The Ultimate Guide to Care is a practical, ready-to-hand guide to the wide range of products in the Care range. 

The guide acknowledges the changing role of pharmacy and Care’s part in that, with insightful marketing suggestions, information on the Care professional website, and other useful sources to help pharmacy staff in expanding their roles.  

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Brand comparisons

Care’s brand comparisons compare key product information against leading brand products, showing that information such as product classification, active ingredients, dosage and size are exactly the same as the leading brand.

Throughout the guide you will see the brand swap sections, clearly listing out the comparisons. Below is an example of a brand swap section. There’s also a quick guide to pages that include brand swap information.

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Easily digestible information on products

The entry for each product is in a consistent, easy-to-use format that provides relevant information such as:

Full name of the product and an image
The product EAN barcode and ordering information including product PIP code, pack dimensions, case quantity and size
Easy-to-follow symbols indicating what age groups the products are suitable for
Abbreviated prescribing information (where relevant) including information

Free resources

Free resources and other information

Care is uniquely positioned to support pharmacy in its changing role with services as well as trusted products.

Care provides free pharmacy assistant training which has been developed for both staff education and patient information materials, as well as an exciting new professional website. Find out more in the Ultimate Guide to Care

Our much-loved handbook has been an indispensable addition to the pharmacy counter for many years. Now more convenient and helpful than ever, the next edition of the Ultimate Guide has been launched as a user-friendly digital flipbook.



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