POS Ordering System

When it comes to selling over-the-counter (OTC) products in your pharmacy, nobody understands it better than you.

After all, it’s your business, your environment and you know your customers and their needs better than anyone else.

Care is simply here to support you and do all that we can to help when it comes to selling our brand and conveying information to customers.

Point of sale (POS) materials are a crucial element when it comes to OTC sales.

Positioned correctly they help to influence a purchase, generate increased sales and keep key products at the front of customers’ minds the next time they visit your pharmacy.

Overlooking them is a missed opportunity as it’s claimed around 75%1 of buying decisions are made at point of sale.

Care offers a range of POS materials to help you create attractive and eye-catching displays to maximise OTC sales and optimise your retail space.

The HCP POS online ordering system puts our complete range of merchandise right at your fingertips, when you need it and free of charge.

Items such as Care product shelf-talkers, sided shelf-edgers, wobblers, static window clings, prescription signing mats, notepads, window posters and open/closed door signs can all be ordered at the click of a button and delivered directly to you.

Our merchandising is designed to standout and work hard to support your sales efforts, making it easier for customers to identify the Care products they need and assist them with their buying decisions.

We use insight and expertise from within our territory management and branding teams to create our merchandising, updating it regularly to meet today’s ever-changing pharmacy sales climate.

Now is a good time to make intelligent use of POS sales materials.

new shelf edger image

According to almost all the pharmacy staff questioned in a survey recently commissioned by Care, with patients increasingly encouraged to self-treat minor health concerns our range is now considered to be more useful in the current climate.2

And with GPs no longer routinely prescribing for many minor health concerns, there is much more emphasis on pharmacies to provide OTC remedies.

With the continued roll out of the NHS self care ethos, POS displays are an essential tool to help pharmacies to capitalise on this health care shift.

We understand time and manpower is always a factor for pharmacies.

But we believe investing a relatively low level of both can reap the rewards in terms of footfall and convert consumers into loyal, repeat customers for years to come.

Care territory managers are happy to assist when it comes to advising on merchandising material and product positioning.

Their knowledge is based on the valued relationships they have with their pharmacy customers and understanding consumer needs.

Here are a few Care POS merchandising points to consider:

  • Place shelf edgers, talkers and wobblers alongside Care products on shop-floor and behind-the-counter shelving. Leaflets and prescribing mats can be sited on the counter.
  • Position products at eye-level – where possible – using a Care planogram to create an attractive and effective display.
  • Arrange Care products together on the shelf according to ailment or season. All the guidance you need is contained in our planograms.
  • Engaging window displays using merchandising such as static window clings and posters which highlight seasonal products and seasonal ailment remedies.

These elements help to create an attractive store display which not only engages the customer but also enhances the pharmacy’s professional and welcoming appearance.

It may only be a short journey from the shop front to the counter but the more striking and enticing it is, the more your customers will feel it’s a trip worth making.

Alongside the more traditional forms of POS sales promotion, you may also be looking to embrace more modern methods of keeping your customers up-to-date with your business, products and the services you offer.

A number of pharmacies across the UK are now offering product advertising and information in-store via a digital TV screen.

Not only is it an engaging way to convey messaging, it also allows you to take advantage of a ready-made audience; those waiting for prescriptions.

Care is currently devising a digital channel which will be available to stream through our online portal, allowing pharmacies to hook up and televise with ease.

We’ll bring you up-to-date with these developments soon.


1.     https://www.marketingtechnews.net/news/2017/apr/10/5-reasons-not-underestimate-point-sale-marketing/

2.     Care Pharmacy Survey 2018/19 conducted by Rainmaker.

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